Happy New Year (2020)

Today I made the first entry into a happiness diary that was given to me by a friend. The diary encourages you to record anything that makes you smile each day over the course of a year.

Walking my dog today I passed a house, and as I was passing, a man who I am assuming was in his late fifties, practically skipped out of the doorway singing a song. Seeing this made my heart smile today.

And straight away I thought, that’s going in the happiness diary! And then I thought, how incredible it is that this man, who I’ve never seen before, has absolutely no idea that his joyful energy will be the first thing I record in my happiness diary! And as I thought about that and actually filled in the diary I thought, why not blog about it?

So this man, who I am assuming is in his late fifties, has absolutely no idea that today he has been written about not only in a strangers happiness diary but also in her blog.

My point is this, whether we know it or not, our presence in this world matters and we have the power to make others happy just by being ourselves.

So let’s focus on what makes us happy as we move into the new year, for the benefit of others and ourselves.

With much love always,