All who are hungry

Earlier in the year I noticed an adult dunnock with some fledglings in tow looking for food in the back garden and decided to see if the youngsters would feed out of my hand. I sat very still in a meditative position, seed in hand, and waited. After a while the young family returned to the garden to continue their search but they did not approach me, and then out of the corner of me eye, I noticed a black bird. But I wanted to feed the babies! I observed the thought and felt the energy of those words in my body… “but I want to feed the babies”. It certainly wasn’t a malevolent energy but it wasn’t exactly benevolent either. I continued to sit, seed in hand, exploring this energy in my body until a calm feeling of clarity filled me, and from somewhere deep within a voice spoke. If I were religious I might call it the voice of God, but I’m not, so I won’t.

Whenever I hear this voice, or perhaps it would be more accurate for me to say whenever I feel this voice, I am given a message which appears as a thought in my mind and I experience a feeling of total clarity in the body, and although the words appear in my mind as if they are mine, I know they are not from my consciousness. At least that is my experience of it if you can imagine that. It is a revelation, a communication of divine truth.

The voice said “all who are hungry will come”.

And so it is with anything offered in service. Perhaps it is not for me to pick and choose who I will serve if I have something to offer. Alongside my boxing coaching, I’m currently training to be a counsellor and I also lead meditation sessions for people based in different countries around the world, and it occurred to me that I do not know the background of anybody I work with. I know only what I am told and it could well be that I’ve worked with perpetrators of sexual violence and not known it. Should that become a barrier to my service? I sincerely hope not.

In service and with love,

-Zoe Patterson-Fighting back

P.S. the picture is of a baby dunnock I rescued from the claws of a cat.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Just before waking yesterday I found myself briefly suspended in a kind of sleepy half state. A place somewhere just over the rainbow where happy little bluebirds of consciousness fly, bringing joy to all who witness them.

Whilst in this suspended dreamlike state I found myself overlooking a vast forest canopy that was bathed in the golden light of the sun. I had no form I could identify with. I was simply an observer and I did so happily.

The canopy was dense and I knew that hardly any light would reach the forest floor. I wondered what this would mean for the future of the forest.

I was reminded then of a forest fire. How the destruction of the old clears a path for the sun and then over time, as if by magic, a whole new forest takes the place of the old.

There are many things planted in the earth, unseen and unknown to us, waiting patiently for the first rays of sun to fall upon them to start the process of growth. Awakening life.

It seems to me that the process of spiritual awakening is like a forest fire. Deep within us are seeds of consciousness that wait patiently for the first rays of sun, the light of awareness to reach us. But in order for this light to reach us we may first have to experience some kind of destruction or change in our lives. It may be painful. But rest assured that once we have been touched by the light of awareness our growth will be unstoppable, and over time magical things will occur for us that awaken us to our true nature and our connection to all that is.

May the light of awareness fall upon you and fill your heart with joy.