A Cold Shower

I stepped into the cold and discovered the fire.

It rages like a fever in the body.

At times I can not be sure of what is true and what is not.

I shake and sweat and see things I can’t be sure are there.

I vomit, but not the contents of my stomach, the body vomits energy that has collected over the years and become stagnant, toxic and poisonous.

I fall to my knees.

I’m certain I am possessed.

The fire keeps on burning and I wait.

I’m afraid for my life.

I am sick I’m sure of it.

This is not sickness.

This is healing.

The fire of truth burns only all that is false.

Only falsehoods burn.

Only falsehoods create pain.

Tears are welcome now.

They help to wash away the ashes and clear the path.

This is the doorway to awakening.

This is the death of the ego.

This is my rebirth.

-Zoe Patterson

-Fighting Back