So, a few months ago I shared the story of the Christmas cactus.

I could not help but be reminded of the power of hope when I witnessed the enormous effort the plant went to to survive, even though it had no way of knowing whether or not it would be successful.

I could identify with this in so many ways, for so many reasons. I have been hoping and ‘sending out roots’ for most of my life.

A few months after the above picture was taken, you might be surprised to learn that this Christmas cactus burst into bloom!

And so I discovered that for the Christmas cactus, it is actually darkness that triggers growth as oppose to light. I could identify with that too!

So the winters darkness, along with some loving care from myself and a determined effort from the plant, yielded beautiful results.

See for yourself…

What a beautiful transformation!

And so, nature has again given me an example of what can be achieved in times of darkness.

Let this be a reminder for all of us that hope, when combined with determination and love can transform our lives completely.

This has worked for me, it has worked for the Christmas cactus, and it can work for you too!

May you have a wonderful December and a lovely Christmas.



Author: zoepattersonfightingback

Practice what you love with love, working IN the moment and not FOR a moment. The world does not stop for defeat or for victory and neither should you. I have known victory and I am no stranger to defeat. Despite my personal challenges I still wake each day with the intention to practice what I love and this has served me well. I am an England boxing coach and qualified personal trainer, working hard to help others practice what they love.

2 thoughts on “Hope…continued”

  1. Hi Zoe,
    Have just finished your book ‘Trafficked Girl’ and felt compelled to contact you! Although I cannot begin to imagine how much you suffered with your experiences growing up, I just wanted to say how incredible I think you are after reading your story! It takes a really strong person to come through everything that you have been through and not only get through it, but to achieve as much as you have. I wish you the best with your boxing and fitness training and I hope you realise what a truely inspiring and strong woman you are. Not everybody could get through what you have experienced. I hope, moving forward, your life is filled with happiness and love.


    1. Hi Suzanne, thank you so much for getting in touch. Your words mean a lot to me. Things aren’t always easy but I am in a much better place now and I’m hopeful that things will only continue to get better from here. Much love to you, Zoe


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